Monday, July 29, 2013

I just can't stop myself

So I just spent $170 last night online shopping  for some Beast official goods that I found out that I didn't have yet. But today, I went to Media Asia planning to get Hard to Love, How to Love and Destiny albums - two of each plus posters (not in the photo). But then I also got myself the official 4minute and BTOB light sticks that I mentioned in my last post LOL

I just couldn't help myself! And even with the amazing discount that Michael gave me, it came to $140 so S E O B S

I am just on a crazy money-spending roll right now. Not only the KPop but I just bought a new $2000 computer last week, and now I need to buy textbooks for uni ARGGHHHHHH my money is just going down the drain. But I'm really being careful with the money I'm spending though, I'm planning a big Korea (and maybe Japan) trip for the end of the year :D

Anyways, this was just a little update, not my usual posts. Just to let you know what I got keke! Ahh the photo makes me room look so messy! But it isn't that messy I swear! It's actually quite empty after my cleaning over the past month :3 (the basket on the ground is usually on the coffee table but I took it off for the photo) Anywho, the picture is to show you guys what I got today, like a haul, but I won't be posting about the Hard to Love, How to Love albums yet, not for a week or two >< You won't know what photocards I got until then!

If you guys want me to post about the 4minute/BTOB light sticks, then just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do! I don't think I'll be posting about the Destiny album here because it's too far off the Beast track - at least 4minute/BTOB are CUBE Family.

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