Monday, July 22, 2013

Smiles for the future

Cr. keepleaves

So I'm incredibly sorry for not having posting here. There's really no excuse for the break I've taken. I mean it's past half way through the year and I haven't posted on here at all. Why? Is it because I've grown out of Beast? A little. Is it because I've moved on to Infinite? No. Is it because I've grown out of KPop? Possibly.

Those who follow me on tumblr and my personal blog would realise that I have also neglected my tumblr for the past year. Of course, like this blog, it always had dead periods like during tough times with life and especially during exam period. But even though the two aforementioned have been on track (kind of), this blog has not had a post since 2012. Despite Beast having had things release - that of which I've all bought, I haven't been posting about them or anything ):

At first, I started off this as just a random thing, like a hobby, just like my personal blog. I didn't want Beast to clog up my personal blog so I made this. But it started getting a lot of followers and I didn't want to post just random things, I guess I wanted to post some quality posts instead of random crap that I would usually have on my personal blog and tumblr. The followers continued to increase but no many comments were left and I got confused on what I was doing. There were a few people who did email me, many were just things about the blog, some wanted to have a chat - which felt really nice.

I kept saying since the beginning, that I wanted this blog to go somewhere. I guess it isn't because I'm not putting the effort that I should be into this blog, but I will continue trying. I keep saying that I'll try harder but then I just don't post. Honestly speaking, I don't get as revved up about Beast news as I used to. I continue buying their things, of course, I still love them, just not to the crazy point that I used to. My time and love didn't move to Infinite (as many would like to believe) because Infinite feels have decreased too LOL. I've just grown out of Beastfinite a little and my time and love have gone somewhere else - to someone else.

This isn't my personal blog so I don't really post about myself on here so the people who solely follow this blog (without my personal blog, my tumblr, my personal twitter, etc.) don't know much about me without emailing me. But I will try to get this blog back on track, the track that I wanted it on when I first created this blog - to post Beast merchandise because they are seriously really awesome and I'm glad that people find it useful, and of course their albums. And I have a stack of Midnight Sun albums to giveaway still lol, with Beast having their next comeback and a new album out. Maybe that's how I'll start getting this blog back on track - a post about Hard To Love, How To Love album (once I get it) and then a big giveaway for the album, and including the Midnight Sun albums for runner-ups or something because I don't want to have bought them for no reason xD

Ahh~ I'm feeling better now, blogging about - thinking about Beast does that to me, one of the millions of reasons I love them - and will continue to love them. So hopefully the followers and readers of the blog are not dead and will stick around for the future I have for this blog! For now, I'll just change the layout of the blog bit by bit until I get my hands on the album ^-^

PS. I hope no one has been emailing me on my old email because I got a new one a few months ago that I updated on this blog but not sure if everyone saw:

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