Friday, July 26, 2013

KPop "shrine"

So let's kick-off my getting-back-into-regular-blogging by posting what my current KPop "shrine" or collection looks like. It's nothing impressive. It's not really KPop so to speak either. As people who already know me would know, I'm not, and have never been, an avid "KPop" fan. I merely follow my bias groups very super extremely hardcorely xDD

Three years ago, it was only Beast things that I bought, despite having SS501 as a bias group. I was a poor high school student of course. Eventually, Infinite got dragged into it. And then I also impulse-buy SS501 and 4minute things here and there. But obviously seen from the pictures, the collection is just basically every Beast and Infinite thing in existence xDDD I used to wonder why I had no money, and then I take a look and remember why xD But these days, I'm feelin' rich because both groups don't release too many things and I earn more than I used to 3 years ago so when both groups happen to decide to comeback at the same time - killing my life and bank account, I am ready. /coughlikenowcough

I don't know if I ever took pictures of how my collection when it was only Beast used to look like, but it used to be this tiny little section in my mini bookshelf. It easily grew out of it. This part used to my like a massive Yu-Gi-Oh! shrine that I've built since 2003ish over the years. I've sadly packed those things away to make room for the Beastfinite xD

At first, I really had trouble arranging the albums. If they were the same size then it'd be easy, but then KPop doesn't make it that easy for you. So I didn't know whether to organise it by size, or by colour, or whatever. In the end, I organised it in chronological order of release Korean then Japanese, the more towards the Beast lightstick, the more recent.

The top part is really messy and unorganised. It's really just for things I don't know where else to put. The left is just old magazines - which by the way, I stopped buying because I don't really read magazines anymore at all. Oh, unless they're full must-haves like Beast in that Elle Girl magazine that I'm sure every B2UTY knows of by now? xD I never got around to blogging about that magazine, if people want me to blog about it, comment or something and I'll take it off not-end-up-blogging list xD The things on the right side are just old boxes from Seasons Greetings andstuff like that. And then there's the boxes from the Beautiful Show 2012 merchandises that I don't really wanna throw out either xD There's also the box for the tumbler mug from Infinite's Second Invasion Evolution merchandise - that I still use btw xD

The back boards are kind of blank, I know, I've been telling myself to buy poster stick-its thingoes but never got around to it LOL And yeah, Hard to Love, How to Love and Destiny aren't there yet because I took the photos just now. I'll get those two on Monday during my break at uni, and I'll probably get the 4minute and BTOB official lightsticks too if they're still in-stock. I wanted to get them for a while but been busy with uni then work, etc. I'd like to be prepared for the time I cheer for 4minute (again) and BTOB. Also, if you guys read my post about the Beast lightstick, then if 4minute and BTOB have just as awesome ones, I'd buy them anyways because they are so great and a must-have!

Oh, and the parts at the ends of the two album rows are a little messy too. I didn't get around to getting cute bookends or anything to keep them up so there's just other random Beastfinite things holding them up xDDD

Sorry for the low-quality pictures by the way. I dropped my Galaxy S3 into the toilet two weeks ago (LOL T____T) and now I'm using my old S2 again. They both have 10.1mp for camera but I can totally tell the difference in the pictures once they are on the computer? The S2 doesn't focus as well as the S3 does. Hope you guys can cope with this quality picture for a while? If not, I'll whip out my 14.1mp digitial camera that I haven't used for a while?


  1. Actually, S2 is 8MP only~

    Haha. Don't worry~ For an under-graduate, +40 albums, DVDs, posters, and other merchandise... I get seen as rich by others xD And I buy limited edition albums for other people as well~

    1. Oh wow it does! My whole life has been a lie! xDD Well my S3 started working again last night so I'll be able to use an actual 10.1mp now!

      Haha yeah I like to spoil my friends with KPop as well, my presents are usually $150 whether it's KPop or not. I feel better spending money on friends than I do on myself xDD


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