Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I did something really bad

Extreme use of the past tense there because this was (according to my file) taken on 21st August, 2012. Anywho, the story behind this is because NU'EST was coming to Sydney, Australia as guest judges for the second round of the KPop Cover Dance contest. I was going to be attending the semi-finals anyway because my boyfriend as well as my bestfriend and were competing and had made it that far, but of course, as news got out that NU'EST were gonna be the judges, a lot more people showed interest in the contest.

The semi-final round was held at UNSW and yeah, I went early to see NU'EST and JR remembered me throughout the day and pointed at me during their performance at the semi-finals and stuff ahahah #)%U()@$*)V%# all those JR feels from back then.

Anyways, to the point of this post xD To be honest, not really a NU'EST fan but since they were coming, I wanted to get an album in case I got lucky enough to get an autograph - that of which I didn't, but I did get a photo with them :D

I visited Media Asia during one of my breaks from classes last year to pick it up, but then I kept buying more things and one thing led to another and YEAHHHHH I ended up with all that in the picture SEOBS. I wanted to post this before the Midnight Sun post but it was late enough and I still want to mention it so I posted it before the other two Beast things that you see in the picture.

Anyways, just a quick post and I'm sorry that this post was even later than Friday's! There have been some family issues, I'm trying to not let it affect me too much. I say that but I haven't done any studying at all today )': I will try to study with the time that I have left. Look forward to Friday's post where I go into detail with an item that you see in the picture above! =D


  1. *Happy tears* This brings back memories!

    1. LOL did you know that it's almost been a whole year???? -gasp-


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