Friday, August 9, 2013

Midnight Sun (Limited Edition) album

So this was one of the things I bought that I mentioned in my last post. Another beautifully designed album released shortly after the original Midnight Sun. The limited edition comes with really cool things that I just need to share with you guys!

The way a brand new album looks might be different to this picture because I opened it and used some of the stuff already and put it back in for the photo LOL! You guys saw in my last picture that I bought two albums but since this post was a little late and I wanted it on time, I didn't take the other one off the shelf to take pictures too so I can't really remember and compare contents between the albums like I did in the original Midnight Sun one ><

The album comes with a card holder, two sets of photocards, a large 3D photocard and an LCD screen cleaner. Oh and inside the photo booklet has this card thing too! Not really sure what it's for but hey, it looks cool xDD But I think it's just a pointless card xD

Umm, I actually don't know why one of the sets only has give cards?? I don't know if I lost one or S: I should've probably looked at the other one I had and check to see if there was one missing as well. But I really wanted to get this post up on time so yeah, kinda rushed all this. But I'll edit this if I ever get around to remembering to check my other album xD Or someone just mention in the comments if the photocards they got looked the same xD I think, from memory, that the large 3D one varies? Not too sure, should check what my other album had and look it up online, ahh!! So sorry that this album isn't very informative, if you can't tell, I'm very much rushing through this post and yeah )':

But anyways! The cards holder thing is really nifty because it's the perfect size to fit travel cards and ID cards. I think this was for those cards for travel that they use in Korea that you need to beep and stuff, but I use it when I'm just driving my mum around and need my licence and don't wanna bring a huge-ass wallet. I haven't used it much lately because I got a new thinner wallet but yeah! Really useful!

For the older readers, this can fit the keycards you use to get into parking lots and stuff too!

Oh and I didn't remember to take a picture clearly, but on the other side is like two pockets so this can hold three cards in total, but it does get kinda thick and hard to put in that many at once.

Okay so the photo booklet is freaking beautiful this time in all aspects!

So there are many photoshoots of them in the white suits in different backgrounds, both indoors and outdoors. They even have a bouquet and it's all %#UG)N#(%UGN()#

And then later into the book they have making-of pictures for the original Midnight Sun jacket shoot - WHERE YOSEOB LOOkS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND ADORABLE AND )%)N#%(U)()%#U

Then there is also the making-of pictures of the jacket shoot in the white suits and it's just all around perfection and stuff. Yeah. Good. Perfect. Amazing. Great. LOOK AT YOSEOB.

So the reason I bought two albums was because I needed both the posters LMAO! These two posters really made up for the crappy one in the original Midnight Sun tbqh. The one in the suits is just so simple and beautiful, I don't know if you can see the BEAST written at the top in the picture because it's white LOL

And the other poster of the confetti and stuff is just so happy and colourful and amazing and I just love it so much! It's definitely one of my favourite posters ever! It's right up the top of my wall and you can see it when you look into the window of my room from the outside! xDD

Anyways, that's it for this post! I apologise that it feels really rushed when you read it, and this post wasn't as informative as my other posts. I really just wanted to get this up on time. If I'm not strict with my schedule then I might start slacking off more and more and then this blog will die again! D: But if you have any questions on this album, feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer you as best I can!

So yeah! Sorry for the lateness! I think I might end up posting at this time because I'll be at university and then getting up home late starting from two week's time. And I don't want to blog before doing my paperwork for Saturday so yeah >< Hope you don't mind that it'll be a bit later! I'll try to take pictures on Sundays or something so that the pictures for the posts have nice lighting.

Ah! You probably couldn't tell this time, but the pictures are better because my S3 works again! As if it never fell into the toilet! It's a miracle! But since it was dark and I used like a desk lamp for lighting, the pictures didn't turn out as great as they could have been! ><

Addition! To you CUBE lovers out there (which I'm sure you all are), if you haven't heard yet, 4minute will be having a Party Rock Concert in Sydney on September 1st. They are coming to be judges for the Gangwon Cover Dance contest, and so JK Entertainment took this chance to get them to have a little concert too! The concert will only be 1,000 fans and all tickets are standing tickets are $139! Tickets are on sale on Monday 13th, I'll make another post on Monday about it with more details ^-^

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