Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beast BodyArt DVD + Towel

Okay so I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I bought this in 2012 when it came out and it was in shrink wrap on my KPop shrine until I decided to open it and take pictures for this post. Why? Well, it's just one of those exercise DVDs that I don't watch LMAO. I just bought it because it was Beast. But if you're into those kinds of DVDs then you should totally buy it xD

So inside the box, you get a photobook thing, a DVD, and 7 photocards (members + group) Not too shabby for $50 xD Oh and you also get the towel, but I got that outside the box, I don't know if that's normal or not? It was still in packaging though

The photobook just has pictures of the making-of the DVD, it's divided into sections of the different routines and the members and stuff like that. I took a few pictures that I liked, though there are many. They also have these element things happening, wood, fire, etc. It's all connected to the types of exercise, I didn't really get it.

The photocards are more like postcards, nothing out of the ordinary. Lovely pictures though, except Hyunseung's and Dongwoon's which I am unhappy with =\ The lighting looked weird and you can't even see Dongwoon's face.

The DVD, I didn't watch all of it, I just played around with it a bit for this post. Again, I'm not the type that watches these fitness-type DVDs. But it's the usual people on mats doing exercises and a voice over telling the viewer what to do as you copy their motions. The voice over is a woman and speaks kind of, robotic? But at least they can pronounce English fluently.

I tried to mess with the menu to see what I could get, since I had English voice and Korean subtitles. But the languages menu was in Korean so derp. The menu also lets you choose which kind of the exercises you wanted to watch, or you can choose all of them.

The towel is similar to the cheering towels you always see at concerts and stuff. I actually didn't know the point of the towel, maybe the towel is used in some of the exercises? Considering I didn't watch through all of it, I wouldn't know ahaha sorry that I can't talk about that part. Or maybe it's just for you to wipe your forehead with? That's a lot of trouble to go through to give people a towel with pictures on it though. Or, it could just be what I used it for, to hang up and show people that you have it xDDD I just hung up above my window in my other room (:

Well, that's it for the post. Sorry that I couldn't talk about the contents of the DVD, but it was just too long for me to watch. If you're like me and don't like watching these kinds of things, I wouldn't recommend that you buy it. But if you do like these things, go ahead, you'd be watching the Beast members doing it too ;)

Also, thank you to everyone's interest in the giveaway that is currently happening on my blog. I hope you guys all enjoy and good luck to everyone who has entered/is entering!


  1. I didn't knew they had a body art thing, well the photos look a bit weird, i like to see them smile still they look cute all serious. the towel is nice^^

    1. This is so old, I remember them filming this and stuff back then. Not really that interesting xD

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