Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dongwoon Giveaway Winners

And so it has come to an end! I would like to thank everyone for taking part in the giveaway that I hosted throughout February.

The winners have been automatically generated and contacted via email from

Just in case the winners don't check back to the old giveaway post, nor their emails, hopefully they see this new post?

Congratulations to the winners!

First Prize: Hard to Love, How to Love; Danielle C.
Second Prize: Midnight Sun; Runa A.

If you are a winner, please reply to the email I sent to the one you used to enter, with your name and address as you want them to appear on the envelope (different countries have different formats so I get confused whenever I ship overseas). So write them with various lines and whatnot and I will copy exactly what you write (upper and lower cases included) and send it. This includes your country. Please double check that it is how you normally receive your online packages. If there is a mistake, I won't be sending another one.

Please reply within 72 hours or another winner will be drawn and you will not be able to claim your prize!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the giveaway! I look forward to the blog growing for the rest of 2014 and hopefully being able to hold another giveaway (and hopefully with albums that aren't so "old" next time xD). I hope you people who found this blog because of the giveaway stick around, I don't bite!


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