Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beast 3rd Anniversary Ring

Okay so I couldn't wait to blog about this. This ring is just so beautiful.

I took a picture of the item at Media Asia because Michael wanted me to open it there. I'll explain later into the post. The picture was taken with shrink wrap still in it. But the rest of the pictures were taken at home as per usual. Please note that these pictures aren't the unboxing ones, I had already worn the ring and stuff so I just placed it back for pictures. So yours may look different when you open it.

So the packaging is just amazing, like, there's so much just for the ring. It's really great. It's inside a plastic case and then the box holding to ring is like a velvet material with the Beast logo stuck on the top. And "DEDUT 3TH ANNIVERSARY" on it LMAO, yeah, all the typos. There is also another small box outside the velvet box that holds the metal plate with the members' autographs, pretty cool. The ring is held up by the sponge material that you usually see in necklace cases and whatnot. And a chain attached, so you can either wear it on your finger or as a necklace if it won't fit.

The ring is actually made up of two separate rings that are joint. The two pieces can actually come apart. So although the ring fits on some of my fingers, I don't want to wear it on my finger in case one of them comes flying off without me realising. So I'll just wear it as a necklace.

Now, some of the rings are actually made very dodgy. They aren't completely smooth. It's hard to explain, but that was why Michael wanted me to open it before I left the store. I didn't take a picture of the dodgy one though, but luckily mine was perfect when I opened it. It's fate, because I'm a B2UTY, it had to be perfect xDD

Yeah, I honestly can't tell you how much the ring cost, because if you checked my previous blog post, I bought a whole heap of stuff that day with the ring so I don't know how much each individual thing cost. I just got the total discounted by Michael.

I really recommend this ring though, it's just really amazing. And if you're a B2UTY, it is totally a must-have item. It's just so beautiful, like I love this ring so much. I hope it doesn't rust. If it starts rusting, expect a blog post about it AHAHAH.

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