Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beautiful Show Cape

Okay so I've had this cape for a long while. There are a few things I wanna say about it.

So first off, it's not even a cape, so the name was misleading when I bought it. It's more like a poncho with a hoodie on it. And it's made of like a fluffy material that you wouldn't wear out much. I mean I would, but most people wouldn't xD

It's comfortable for sleeping, definitely. And since it's like a poncho, it was pretty big so on cold nights I just wore it above all my jumpers and whatnot at night.

These days, I leave it in the car since it's still cold at 6am when I leave the house for uni, so I just have it over my lap while I drive, like a blanket.

There's two pockets at the front, they're pretty big, can hold pretty much anything LOL. And the sleeves are just attached by a stitching, they aren't actual sleeves really. Like it's just one big poncho thing with the ends sewn together so you arms can go through.

Now, if you can see from my first picture up the top, the logo actually won't last long. I've had this poncho since like March, and I don't know if what I do with it counts as over-using it, but the logo is pretty damaged now. But I guess that's to be expected when the material is furry and the logo is just like stuck on.

I wish I could remember how much it was, but I personally don't really recommend it to people. I mean it's pretty useful, but nothing you can't go without? :S

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