Monday, November 26, 2012

What's to come

So I got some time to think what I'm gonna do with my blog over and I've decided keke~

beautiful show official merchandise

Okay so I know I've incredibly late, but I won't want these merchandise to end up like the WBTBA merchandise, that it got so old that I didn't think I should post them anymore.

I plan to post one Beautiful Show merchandise post every Tuesday (GMT + 10) so that way my blog isn't clogged up wit all the merchandise at once.

I haven't decided the order for the merchandise that I'm posting yet, I don't think I'll decide, I'll probably just end up posting up what I feel like ahah xD

The official Beast Rose lightstick will be part of this post as well~

overdue posts that should be up asap

So there are some items that I have that are incredibly old, and I should post them soon before they get too old to post about.

This tends to mean everything before Midnight Sun album release, like The Selection of Beast photobook and whatnot, as well as WTBA DVD etc. I will probably post these in the order that I got them, generally.

But I think the first one I'll post will be the Elle Girl magazine because the magazine is just great and magazines tend to get old quicker than the photobooks etc.

These I plan to post up on Fridays (GMT + 10) so be on the look out for them!!

other posts

Any other posts about Yoseob's album, or items I buy, etc., I plan to post them as they come.

So if I feel like spazzing about Yoseob's new teaser on here, it'll just happen. And if I buy anything, like Yoseob's new album, I'll post that as I get it etc. That doesn't mean I will post it the day I get it, but I won't push it back to the end of the cue of the others posts LOL.

Also, small quick posts like the Beast paperclips etc, won't take long to make a post about so if I suddenly feel like making a post for them, despite being at the end of the cue, I might just go ahead and post them.

These posts won't be scheduled.


So if any of you guys remember, I said that I would do a giveaway for Midnight Sun. I still plan on doing this if people show interest. But for me to know, I need people to post comments when I ask. If not many people show interest then I can't do the giveaway =\ Or if people show interest but only like five people enter, I will cancel it, just because it isn't fair =\

I also plan to do one or two more giveaways at the end of 2012/start of 2013 if people want that too~ I have a quick note of it on the Coming Soon page if you wanna see what they are. I'll make a more detailed post of them later on of course~

Anyways, thanks everyone if you're still here following this blog, and hello to newcomers, if any. I know I've been doing a bad job running the blog, but life gets in the way a lot ): But I'm trying to make it better!! ><"

Meanwhile, check out the latest post about the Beast 3rd Anniversary Ring!

See you guys on Tuesday for the first Beautiful Show post!

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