Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post-exam celebration~

So I finally finished my exams! Celebrating the end of another year of uni~

I went by Media Asia to pick up a few things. Yes. A few things. LOL!

Michael has been saving me some of the stuff for a while because I haven't had time to stop by. The Beast Anniversary Ring was meant to arrive today, but it wasn't in stores yet when I went there after my exam so I went back before dinner TEEHEE. The ring is friggin' beautiful.

The Beast BodyArt DVD comes with a towel too but Michael forgot to give it to me, but I'll get it some time next week. It's alright, I still have a while before blogging about it.

Hmm... Wondering if I should still blog things in chronological order?

There were actually some other things that I wanted to buy but my total was already beyond the limit I gave myself today so I put some stuff back and I'll buy them another day LMAO

Looking forward to blogging about the Beast things I bought today~

If you're interested in what blogs coming, check the Coming Soon page teehee~

I'm still contemplating on whether to still do them in order or not, but yeah, now that I'm free until March, I'll try to get this blog updated and how I want it to be, or close enough~

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