Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm so sorry T______T

OMG I'm so sorry guys. I know I made a whole massive post about organising this blog and making it better for you guys. And I couldn't even make it to the second post of that plan.

I'm sorry, I tried. But when I was making the blog entry for the Friday "overdue" stuff, I couldn't find the magazine to take pictures of, I can't remember where I put it. My room is really messy since I didn't clean during the semester and I just kept buying things and left them all over the floor.

After that, I had some personal life stuff. But this week it will be back on track, promise!

So why is it that the Tuesday has already passed and the Beautiful Show post still isn't up? Well you see, I thought today was Tuesday OTL I already had the post prepared but then I didn't post it because I thought today was Tuesday, but it's Wednesday OTL I can't keep track of days during breaks LOL fail.

But yes!! The Beautiful Show post will be up soon, right after this post. Then on Friday, I will have one of the "overdue" posts up! It won't be the magazine until I find it though LMAO. It's somewhere in my room. Somewhere.

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