Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Official Beast Rose Lightstick

So I've had quite a few blogs about this lightstick by now I think, like links on where to buy it and just general spazzing about it when it was first announced, maybe another one when it was first seen? LOL I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I blogged a quick picture when I first got it either, or if I just tweeted it. But here is finally a blog about it. And I probably won't tell you anything that you don't already know.

This lightstick is pretty freaking beautiful, I don't know how many of you guys have watched Beauty and the Beast, but in the movie, the rose keeps the prince as a Beast. And only after he finds love does he go back to his human form. So I guess in the movie, the rose is bad LOL seeing as it was a curse and all xD But with these lightsticks, we can keep Beast as Beast, right? Because our rose lightsticks will never die out. Maybe I'm just thinking too much into the lightsticks LOL but I really do love the idea of them being a rose.

The lightstick itself is pretty big, I guess they might be the same as the Big Bang crown ones, but I'm not sure since I've never seen one in person. But the rose is pretty big. The battery case-thing is pretty cool, it's metal and has the Beast logo engraved on it. Inside, you can see that there is a barrel kind of thing for three AAA batteries, I think I put these batteries in myself. I don't think it comes with batteries. The bottom of the battery case-thing has a button, so when it's all put together in the rose, the button is at the bottom of the lightstick to turn on the light.

You have three settings for the light, the first one is just like a normal torch, the second is a rapidly flashing light, and the third is a slower more moderate flashing light. Each time you press the button, it turns on the light on, then off, then onto the next setting, then off, then onto the next setting, then off again, and it goes in a loop in this order.

This is from the Beautiful Show merchandise but I'm pretty sure you can still use this whenever you attend an event where Beast performs to show your support LOL. K-B2UTY used these lightsticks during Beautiful Night promotions and it was just really beautiful seeing the grey ocean.

I'm pretty sure you can still buy these anywhere online, the online CUBE store would definitely still have them. I'm sure you can search eBay to find them as well. For Australians, I'm pretty sure Media Asia still has them in stock too. I really recommend this lightstick to any B2UTY and think that every B2UTY needs one.

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