Thursday, December 13, 2012

Now on Glipho

So the other week I was told about Glipho on Twitter by @gliphoapp, but due to the same reasons I left this blog dead for a week, I didn't see the tweet until yesterday.

I thought I'd give Glipho a go and honestly it took a bit to get a hang of it, especially the importing blog bit. Maybe I'm just slow with some things ahah but really I do love the idea of it so far.

It's really easy for you to import pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Picaza album, etc. and you can easily link your Glipho with your Twitter, Google account, etc.

Glipho is very innovative and you can easily browse categories to find blogs that you like and discuss things with people you have commonalities with. And your blog entries are called Gliphs. The layout of Glipho makes it really easy to use, especially the Desk section where you write a new Gliph.

However The Beast Locker at Glipho is only just there to export blog entries from here to share the blog with other readers. There's nothing that I post on Glipho that will not be here, this blog will still be the main one so don't worry about feeling the need to follow both. But I might think about advantages that Glipho followers have in the future? ;) /hinthint.

Anyways, just thought I'd share Glipho with you guys because it really is quite a great idea and I hope you guys enjoy using it as a blogging platform.

If you have a chance, maybe give me a follow on there too? ;)

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